Tale from a dog rehoming charity

A Rescue Tail from Westie ReHoming

Tale from a dog rehoming charityOnce upon a time there was a cute little puppy called Harry who left his mother, brothers and sisters behind in the Welsh borders to live in his new home, many miles away.

He spent three happy years exploring the big wide world, before his new ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ decided that he would be even happier with a little playmate. After some consideration they applied to Westie ReHoming for a little girl of around the same age (three years old).

As luck would have it Westie ReHoming had just taken in a pretty little girl called Phoebe that was with one of their fosterers. Phoebe’s owners were heartbroken at having to let her go, but circumstances left them no alternative. After the initial assessment Westie Rehoming thought that she would do very well with Harry and his family and so she moved in with them.

Harry and Phoebe became best buddies, and were alike in so many ways, and then one day when their ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ were looking at their vaccination details they noticed that they were not only the same age, but they shared the same birthday. They contacted Westie ReHoming, and it was after Jacqui checked Phoebe’s pedigree certificate, which was kept on file, that they discovered an amazing twist of fate. Harry and Phoebe were litter brother and sister, reunited after more than three years.

Looking at the photo above it should be obvious, they are like peas in a pod. What a small world, and what a heart-warming story for us all.

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