Proud to donate £5000 to Waggy Tails – helping dogs like Trixie and Muffin

At the Kennel Club Charitable Trust we are delighted to announce that we have provided a £5,000 grant to Dorset-based dog charity Waggy Tails.

The grant was given to help Waggy Tails with its work rescuing dogs in need, and it has already changed the life of two dogs on ‘death row’.

Trixie, a small crossbreed, came to the charity weighing only 2.3kg, and was very ill. Her teeth were in such a bad state they were toxic to her and all but one had to be removed. She was almost put to sleep, as she was suffering health problems that could not be identified and a tumour was suspected. However, at the eleventh hour, she was saved by a vet who diagnosed a deficiency of an enzyme in the pancreas, meaning she could not break down food properly.

Trixie 23 Oct (2)Trixie

With tests confirming the diagnosis, Trixie was simply put on to a diet suitable for her condition and the symptoms quickly eased. Trixie is now safely placed with a permanent foster family and weighs 5.4kg. She is happy and settled thanks to the work of Waggy Tails and the quick thinking of its vets.

A Lhasa/Shih Tzu cross called Muffin was also saved by Waggy Tails when her owners were unable to find a new home for her and were considering putting her to sleep. Muffin was ill – she was epileptic but also her sight and hearing were poor. More worryingly however, she kept falling over, but Waggy Tails instantly took her in.


When Muffin went to the vet, the charity discovered that she was overdosing on a medication that had been supplied. The vet immediately put a plan into action that would transform Muffin. He gradually altered her medication until her fits stabilised and Muffin has been transformed. She has been on antibiotics and her sight has dramatically improved. She also needed an operation on her ears and is on a course of steroids, but the charity is hopeful she is on the mend.

Shelagh Meredith, Chairman of Waggy Tails told us: “Muffin and Trixie are wonderful dogs and we are delighted that we could help turn their lives around. They are now both placed in loving foster homes and they couldn’t be happier. We give these dogs a second chance, and they in turn go on to give love and affection to their new families.

“Both Trixie and Muffin must have had miserable lives before they came to Waggy Tails and a very sad future and a much shortened painful life was ahead. Our vets have been marvellous and so of course have the wonderful foster parents. The financial support of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and other trusts is therefore just invaluable.”

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has donated more than £8 million to help improve the lives of dogs since it was established in 1987. The Trust awards grants to welfare organisations which make a difference to dogs’ lives, such as Waggy Tails, and also provides financial support to canine scientific research and support charities.

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