Dog training saves rescue dog

Good Training Saves Zack The Rescue Dog

Zack, a three year old crossbreed from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire has turned his life around, from being a bossy alpha male to a happy, energetic, enthusiastic dog, thanks to his loving owner, Jo Scargill, and the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme (GCDS). Go Zack!

Jo got Zack in April 2012 from Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue and they have been together for 18 months, but it has not all been plain sailing for Jo as she struggled to come to terms with Zack’s difficult behaviour.


Jo commented: “Zack was a very bossy alpha male, and he had been allowed to do exactly what he wanted, when he wanted, and it was difficult but I could see the potential in the dog that I thought he could become.”

Jo decided to attend training classes and the pair started GCDS classes, part of the UK’s largest dog training programme, at Courteous Canines (What a great name!). Both dog and owner found the classes beneficial and it wasn’t long before Zack passed his GCDS Bronze and Silver awards.

Jo continues: “I can’t explain how much my confidence has increased over the last few months. I am now able to take Zack to different places and this is as a direct result of the Good Citizen training. The GCDS has been great, it’s open for anyone and everyone who wants to train their dogs and I couldn’t recommend it enough. We’ve set our sights on the Gold award next.

“If I am completely honest, I am not certain I would still have Zack without the level of training and support I have received through the scheme and the trainers at Courteous Canines. If that had happened, it would have meant Zack would have had three homes in as many years – which is just unbearable to think about.”


The pair have both come on in leaps and bounds and have even started agility training together.

Congratulations to Jo and Zack! What a great example of the importance of good training.

For more information about the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, please visit To find a GCDS class near you, please visit

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