How to apply for a grant

Notes to applicants

  1. How to apply for a grant

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) will consider grant applications for science, welfare, and education projects to benefit dogs.

Specifically, and in accordance with its Trust Deed, KCCT provides funds for three purposes:

  • To promote the advancement of education and science by furthering research into canine diseases and hereditary disorders of dogs.
  • To promote the quality of life of human beings by promoting dogs as therapeutic and practical aids to humans.
  • To promote the relief of suffering of dogs that are in need of care and attention. 
  1. Application guidelines 
  • Scientific project proposals

Scientific project proposals will only be considered using the designated form (available to download here). The form must be completed as directed and incomplete applications will not be considered. Grants will not normally be made to projects which involve work under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Grants will be subject to regular monitoring by the KCCT and annual written reports and a Final Report will be required.

  • All other applications
  • State clearly the specific details of the costs for which you are requesting funding, and for what purpose and over what period the funding is required.
  • You must send your organisation’s latest approved audited report and accounts and (where applicable) give the registered number of your charity.
  • Your application will not normally be assessed without the accounts, except in the case of organisations less than one year old. Organisations that do not have audited accounts must consult the KCCT Administrator before they apply.
  • Generally, pure building costs or requests from organisations whose concern is not predominantly with the dog (e.g. general animal sanctuaries) are not supported.
  • If the application involves building work, please complete the supplementary capital project application form (available to download here).
  • Grants are rarely made to individuals or to organisations having a political objective.
  • All applications should be written on A4 paper, printed double-sided if possible. No professionally produced magazines, annual reports and newsletters should be submitted as all papers need to be readily scanned/copied to be sent to the Trustees for consideration.

Please send applications and address all inquiries to the KCCT Administrator, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB. Tel: 020 7518 6874.

Note: The KCCT Trustees meet four times a year, usually in April, June, September and December. Your application will be assessed at the first available meeting once all the required documentation has been received. Please make sure that you have included the following:

  • Specific details of the precise amount of funding sought
  • Latest set of audited accounts
  • Three quotes (where building work is planned)

The names of recipients of grants are listed in the Trust’s accounts and are also listed in the Kennel Club Journal and on this page in the Charitable Trust section of the Kennel Club website.

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