Rescue Westie Chosen As Cover Star

Eilidh the rescue Westie is a superstar in the making!  The sixteen month old cutie from UK Westie Rehoming has been chosen as the cover star for the 2015 Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar.

Life has not always been so glamorous for Eilidh, who was born into rescue after her mother Polly ended up at UK Westie Rehoming when her owner was found dead.

No one knew Polly was pregnant until she was scanned by a vet who identified four little bundles in her womb, and when the pups were born three were successfully rehomed.  Eilidh, the fourth pup, however, found it difficult to bond with potential new owners, and came back to the rescue.  After it became clear that she did not feel comfortable around anyone other than Jacqui Ferris-Woods, a coordinator for the rescue, Jacqui decided to give her a home herself and Eilidh has lived with her ever since, and has now been given a taste of fame.
Featured image
The 2015 calendar features the following breeds: Border Collie, Flatcoated Retriever, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, West Highland White Terrier, German Shepherd Dog, Large Munsterlander, Greyhound, Basset Hound, Labrador Retriever and Akita, and also a Jack Russell.  All the photos were submitted by Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations.

The calendar will make a great gift for anyone who loves dogs (particularly rescue dogs!) and buying a calendar raises money for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Jacqui and Eilidh, along with other dogs who star in the calendar, will be at London’s biggest dog event, Discover Dogs (8-9 November at Earls Court in London) to promote Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations and encourage people to buy the calendar to support rescue dogs.  We expect the paparazzi to be out in full force to snap pics of this newest supermodel.

As winners of the competition to find the stars of the calendar, Jacqui and Eilidh will be presented with over £100 of free Eukanuba dog food at Discover Dogs and the 11 runners-up will each receive more than £30 of dog food.  Eukanuba runs the Breed Rescue Support Programme in partnership with the Kennel Club, which helps Breed Rescue organisations to reduce their food bill and support those who adopt rescue dogs.

The calendars are only £5 so be sure to pick one up!

For those who cannot make it to Discover Dogs, the calendar is available to buy from HERE.

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