Charity Gets £10,000 Towards Saving Dogs’ Lives

This is great news!  A dog rescue charity which may have had to shut down within weeks due to a lack of funding has been helped by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which has given them a grant of £10,000.

The Safe and Sound dog rescue charity, which saves the lives of 200 stray dogs each year, will now be able to carry on its work helping stray dogs from being euthanised.

Featured image

One of the dogs saved by the Safe and Sound dog rescue charity

Safe and Sound relies entirely on donations and because of a huge increase in demand it faced shutting down in as little as six weeks if the required funding was not found in time.   There aren’t very many charities nationally which specialise in this kind of crisis support so it’s fantastic that they received this extra funding to help them carry on doing the great work they do.

Safe and Sound is primarily a coordinating rescue, concentrating on ‘crisis management’ of UK strays, dealing with dogs at immediate risk of death or serious harm. The charity does this by securing rescue placements with established rehoming centres, then arranging the safe transportation of dogs from pounds to places of safety. They work in conjunction with local authorities, private boarding kennels and other rescue organisations, and give ‘death row’ dogs the chance to be much loved family pets once again.

The charity is delighted with the funds they have raised so far but with running costs of around £3,500 a month, any contribution is greatly appreciated.  Visit to find out more about this wonderful charity and to donate.

Safe and Sound dog rescue charity logo

                 Safe and Sound dog rescue charity logo

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