‘Charlie Appeal’ launched to help young rescue dog

Calling all dog lovers!  An appeal has been launched to raise money for a one year-old rescue dog that needs an expensive life-changing operation to help him lead a normal life.

Poor Charlie, an Old English Sheepdog, was emaciated, riddled with fleas, had worms and kennel cough and was due to be put down, when he was rescued from the pound by a Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisation, the Old English Sheepdog (OES) Rescue & Welfare charity.

When OES Rescue & Welfare first took in Charlie, they noticed that, along with his other ailments, he was walking with a severe limp, which was a serious cause of concern for those caring for him.

He was taken to an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed him with a severe case of hip dysplasia – an abnormal formation of the hip socket. This condition, if left untreated, can lead to crippling lameness and painful arthritis in the most serious cases and the only options to ensure Charlie’s welfare are a hip operation, or the total replacement of the affected hip, both of which are expensive procedures.

Charlie in the pound

Charlie in the pound before being rescued

OES Rescue & Welfare is a registered charity, which relies on fundraising and public donations for the work it carries out to rescue and rehome Old English Sheepdogs, and in order to be able to pay for Charlie’s operation, the charity has launched the ‘Charlie Appeal’ and is calling on dog lovers to help support Charlie on his road to recovery.

Julie Love, from OES Rescue & Welfare says Charlie is a wonderful dog, with a very sweet personality.  Whilst OES Rescue & Welfare are doing all they can to help him, they are struggling to raise the funds needed to pay for his operation so are appealing to dog lovers who may wish to donate towards his surgery.  There is a good likelihood that Charlie will ultimately need a full hip replacement, which can cost around five thousand pounds per hip, and as a small charity OES Rescue &Welfare just cannot afford those costs.

Featured image

Charlie now

Julie says that Charlie just loves people, and they want to show him that this love is returned.  Old English Sheepdog Rescue & Welfare saved him from being put to sleep and have been caring for him since then, so hopefully they can raise the money to help him!

To find out more and to donate to the Charlie Appeal, click HERE.  Every little helps!

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