Dog with ‘broken heart’ saved after village joins together to raise £2,000 to buy pacemaker

A dog with a ‘broken heart’ has been saved after an entire village joins together to pay for a pacemaker.

Siouxie and Richard Nelson, of Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, were devastated when they were told Springer Spaniel Alice had just days to live after vets discovered only a third of her heart was working.

The couple were told her only option was to have surgery to install a pacemaker but it would set them back £3,500, more than they could afford.

Credit - Caters News Agency

Credit – Caters News Agency

Desperate to do something, Mrs Nelson, 26, set up an online appeal to help fund Alice’s operation. Within hours, word had spread across the tight community of the village where the couple live – and friends, family and neighbours chipped in more than £2,000 to help fund the surgery.

Now, three-year-old Alice has fully recovered from the operation. Mrs Nelson said: “Without those generous donations she might not be here today and I can’t describe how much love and joy she brings to our lives. We are eternally grateful to everyone who donated to save Alice’s life.’

“We do keep money aside for vet bills but this amount in such a short space of time was unfortunately out of our reach, and we only had about half the amount it would cost saved up.

“That’s when we set up our fundraising page and within hours we were left speechless by all of the donations pouring in. We live in a small village and it was great to see so many people, including our family, friends and even strangers chipping in.


Credit - Caters News Agency

Credit – Caters News Agency

“Even after the operation three months ago, people are still donating, and since then we’ve tried to give something back by donating once a month to other dog fundraising pages to help others who are going through a similar situation. Villagers donated just over £2,100 towards the operation within a week of the page being set up. Now we are three months post-op and Alice is completely back to normal – it really is unbelievable.”

What a lovely story!

You can also help dogs like Alice through the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. The Trust gives grants to welfare organisations each year to assist with their vital work in helping take care of dogs in need.


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