Buying Your First Puppy? A Few Tips to Help You Choose the Right Breed for You

Are you ready to welcome a furry ball into your home? Or do you fancy a quick refresh on canine breeds? From the most athletic mutts to the toy ones to die for, here’s our puppy guide to help you choose the one that will fit your lifestyle.

Follow Peeps, Steve and Dollar, a small family in their exciting adventure to find the perfect pup for them! They’ve already been briefed on the cost and commitment of owning a dog but with over 215 pedigree breeds to choose from, they don’t really know where to begin. Not to worry, the head of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme Bill Lambert has organised a mini-dog show to present them with the seven main pedigree dog groups.

The seven dog groups

First arriving, the long blond coated champion Afghan Hound, Daisy. Be aware, like all hounds, Daisy belongs to a group that has been bred to hunt by sight and therefore tends to chase things. Prepare to be tested on your cardio skills if you take them off the lead, as they need a lot of exercise and will follow their nose.

Next paw on the red carpet, the 21 month-old Newfoundland Breeze, who represents the Working group. Highly trainable and very intelligent, they are water dogs and will catch any opportunity to splash around.

Then comes Taylor, the Manchester terrier flying the flag for the Terrier group today.  Originally trained for chasing rats and keep the mice down (believe us or not) they are family dogs happy living around people. Expect a very enthusiastic and quite stubborn fellow that can sometimes bark a lot.

In the name of cute, Simon the pug is showing what Toy dogs are all about. Bred for their size they are very much companion dogs.  The pug is a brachycephalic dog in other words with short nose, not a dog you would take for a long walk on a hot day. Very loyal, they live very well with people and don’t really like to be left on their own. So if you have a fairly sedentary life, it would be a dog you might wish to consider.

Looking for a slightly more active and bigger family dog? Rachel the 22 month old Bracco Italiano ticks all your boxes, in the very popular Gundog group. Highly trainable and sociable with other dogs, they are a fairly new breed to the UK and might be a bit more difficult to come by.

The Pastoral group is in the capable paws of Pavel, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog. With a dense coat, they need a lot of grooming. They do like living as part of the family, are highly trainable and have a very active mind. Indeed, a dog with a brain that will need to be kept mentally busy.

And at last but not least, Leila, a 5 year old Chowchow on behalf of the Utility group. A very ancient breed, originally a sled dog, they are now all-purpose dogs. Don’t be mistaken by their great big cuddly teddy bear silhouette, they can be bit aloof and strange from time to time but remain very loyal to their family and close family network.

Decision time!

So…Have you made any decision yet?
On their side, Peeps, Steven and Dollar have been left with plenty to think about!

Don’t forget, the big advantage of getting a pedigree dog is that you can be fairly accurate in predicting their character, temperament and how much exercise and grooming they need plus it’s well known which health issues affect certain pedigree dogs so you can check the breeders that have health tested the parents and in order to have the best chance in breeding healthy pups.

Of course cross breed dogs can also make fantastic pets but you can’t be sure about their characteristics and how much health problems they may have inherited from each of their parents.

To avoid any surprise, do speak with the breeder about any questions you may have.

Want to find out more? Check out the Kennel Club’s Breed Information Centre for more information on all 215 breeds and don’t miss out on Eukanuba Discover Dogs for a unique chance to meet the breeds and talk to experts about buying a new dog.

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