The Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar 2016 is Here

The Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar is back this year! Not only does the calendar have 12 heart-warming images of rescue dogs, it also tells each dog’s story. All of the dogs have been helped to find their ‘forever’ homes by Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations.

All proceeds from the calendar go towards helping the rescue and re-homing of pedigree dogs in the UK through Kennel Club Breed Rescue.

breed rescue calendar

Here are some of the lovely dogs featured in the calendar!

Meet Teddy the Greyhound

Teddy recently retired from a career as a racing greyhound and is currently living at Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary, whilst he waits for his forever home. He has so much love to give, is bright-eyed and longs to be cuddled and given attention.

He likes the company of other dogs as he gets a little anxious if he is alone for too long. He would make a brilliant companion or family dog.


Meet Tilly the German Shepherd Dog

Tilly, aged 5, had three homes before she came to German Shepherd Rescue Yorkshire. Her new owners rehomed her in January. “We loved Tilly from the moment we met her, and had no qualms about taking her home, even though we were advised that she had not been socialised as a youngster, and this was why she had previously been rehomed unsuccessfully. The rescue had done a lot of work with her and advised on how we could carry on her training in the future. Tilly is improving every day and we are proud of how far she has come in several months. She loves to run in the fields nearby, which is where the photo was taken earlier this year.”


Meet Lana the Golden Retriever

Lana came into rescue aged only 18 months in a sorry state – she had no fur, was depressed, had not been socialised or exercised. She was so traumatised that she dared not lift her head and just looked at the ground. Look at her now! Through North West Golden Retriever Rescue, she found her forever home. With a lot of patience, love and dedication, her new family worked hard so that she knows what it is to be cuddled and to have fun with her family in the garden, instead of being afraid and hiding indoors. Lana is now a happy, confident and beautiful creature who is enjoying the life she deserves, and is loved by her forever family who she so loves in return.


Discover all the stories behind this very special calendar, order it online here!

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