Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust have a Christmas to remember

Christmas came early to the Bulldog Rescue and Re-homing Trust in the shape of a grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust! But it wasn’t just shiny ribbon bound presents that these lucky little Bulldogs received in their fluffy stockings and eager little paws this Yuletide. For some of them, the gift has and will have been of a new forever home via Bulldog Rescue and Re-homing Trust.

This is made possible by kind donations from members of the public, who have donated to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust or to the rescue themselves – who have then been able to use the money to help this wonderful breed receive emergency, and sometimes life changing and saving medical care and attention. The donations have even helped with such basics as microchipping, worming, defleaing, and vaccinations – all of those lovely little “perks” that we responsible dog owners take for granted when we care for our own little pals, but mount up when there are so many, unwanted, Bulldogs needing these bare necessities!

Imagine being tied up in a graveyard, left all alone, with no one to care for you. The only person you had ever known had left you and you had no idea if they would ever return for you, how long you had actually been waiting there and how long it would be before they would come back…IF they would come back?! Bulldog Emily went through all of this and more, but was thankfully found by a member of the public who took her straight to her local vet and it wasn’t long before Bulldog Rescue and Re-homing were on the scene and well and truly on the case!

Bulldog Emily

Bulldog Emily after her surgery

Emily was underweight and malnourished, suffering from two Cherry Eyes (a condition affecting the third eyelid of each eye) and with very bad skin. She needed surgery on both eyes to remove the overlapping third eyelids and this was paid for by the grant awarded by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. The volunteer who took Emily to the vet for her surgery could not believe the difference when she came to pick her up to take her home as it was SO dramatic! She was a different dog. It is so hard to believe how dogs who have been through so much hardship, especially surrounding humans, can still love us so very much. I personally know this from my own experience with my 8 furry friends that include rescued and disabled dogs.

Another lucky little Bully, Belle, was also helped by a grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust! She also suffered with Cherry Eye as well as severe demodex (skin disease), MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and pseudomonas. Following surgery and treatment for her other ills, thanks to the Kennel Club Charitable trust grant, she now not only has a healthier life… but also a happy forever home and a new family who love her very much!

Bulldog Belle after surgey

Bulldog Belle after surgey

Both of these stories show us how important it is to support our rescue charities and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. What amazing work they do in saving lives and improving the physical and psychological well being of many of the poor little pooches of this country! They truly make a massive difference and what a world we would live in if we did not have them. As the saying goes, Christmas is a time for giving but rescues need your donations every day of every year. In the same vein, a puppy is not a present it is a forever investment that will likely leave stains on your carpet, chew your slippers and generally get up to no good, BUT how could we ever live without them?!

Find out more about Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust
Find out how you can help make a difference to dogs by donating now!

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